Treadmill Workout To Lose Weight

Treadmill workout to loose weight

Do you want to lose weight? Running on a treadmill is a great way to do so, and by adding these workouts into your training regimen you can boost your metabolism and start losing weight fast. As they say, with the correct workouts that increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism, you can burn calories not only during your workouts but for up to 2 days afterward.

This makes it easier than ever to lose weight by running, and the progress you start to see quick will make you want to exercise often. If  you maintain routine work then treadmill workout to lose weight is possible.

The key to having a successful workout is to perform interval training, meaning you will want to vary the frequency and intensity of your workouts. Follow these examples below to start losing weight:

Workout 1: HIIT Me

This workout works well because high-intensity training has been shown to give your metabolism a jolt, signaling it to burn fat while you are gaining muscle. Because this is considered to be a high-intensity workout, it will be shorter in duration but will test and increase your endurance. This fat killing workout will run for a total of 30 minutes, and although you can complete this on any treadmill, you will get the best results from a higher-end model. The workout will be split into 3 main sections:

The Warmup: (1-4 minutes)

Walk at a comfortable pace for around a minute, then increase the incline on the treadmill to around 6% and maintain it for 2 minutes. During the last minute, you will want to decrease the incline to 3% and keep a steady pace

Strength Intervals (5-9 minutes)

For the first minute in this section, increase the incline to 8 or 9%, and keep this going for only the first minute. For minutes 6-9, decrease the incline to 1-3% and continue to walk at a steady pace.

Speed Intervals (10-14 minutes)

For the first minute, continue with the incline of around 1%, and then increase the speed for 7; keep this pace up for the full 4 minutes

Power Intervals (15-20 Minutes)

For the first minute, increase the incline to 4% and run at a faster pace; around 6. For the following three minutes, return the incline to low and continue to walk again

Strength and Power Intervals

Same as last time, refer to the strength intervals above and repeat for the same amount of time (4 minutes); then do the same for the power intervals listed above. Once finished, cool down for the remaining 5 minutes.

Workout 2: Time for Tempo

This workout is designed to hit your ‘sweet spot’, which will be the ideal tempo for your heart rate, which is the zone where you will start to lose weight. It will enable your body to clear out more quantities of lactic acid from your muscles which intern will allow you to increase your endurance. Because your heart rate is in the correct zone, your metabolism will start to go into hyperdrive, meaning that you can start to burn fat and keep it burning for many hours. This workout will last approximately 30 minutes, and you can do up to 3 sets if you desire.

Warm-up (1-5 minutes)

Warm-up your body and muscles by walking or jogging at a comfortable pace, while still allowing you to feel your muscles moving. You will want your heart rate to be at around 75-80%.

Maintain (5-25 minutes)

You will want to maintain the same heart rate as above, going at your pace but ensuring that it does not exceed 85%. If it does, simply slow down your pace to get it back into that ideal zone of 75%.

Recovery (25-30 minutes)

During this last stretch of the exercise, you will want to start to cool off and reduce the pace at which you are walking, jogging, or running. For an ideal workout that will burn a lot of calories and fat, you will aim to repeat minutes 5-30 a few times.

Workout 3: The 500

You won’t even notice that you are working out with this one, thanks to the intervals and varying degrees of exercise. Listen to music, zone out, and let your body do the work. The primary principle of this exercise is to vary the duration of recovery time and intensity intervals.

Although this is a longer exercise, you can burn up to 500 calories in this hour’s workout. This is a great way to start your week by burning off the calories from the weekend, or if you are serious about losing weight can do this daily. Because you are going to be going at it for a whole hour, it is recommended that you have a high-quality treadmill to keep up with you.

Warm-up (1-5 minutes)

You should be use to this part by now; start by going at a comfortable pace that allows you to warm up your muscles for the first 5 minutes. If possible, jog more than you are walking during this phase

Endurance Training (5-10 minutes)
Increase your speed and intensity to a range that brings your heart rate up to 75% without letting your heart rate increase any more than that point

Pick-Ups (10-30 minutes)

Increase your pace to elevate your heartrate to 85% for 1 minute, reduce to 75% for one minute and repeat ten times

Endurance Training (30-35 minutes)

Repeat step 2 above, making sure to not exceed a heart rate of 85%

Hill Intervals (35-50 minutes)

While maintaining your endurance heart rate of 75%, elevate the incline of the treadmill to around 5% for 1 minute, then reduce it back down to 1% for 1 minute. Repeat up to 8 times

Endurance Training (50-55 minutes)
Same as the above steps of the same name

Cooldown (55-60 minutes

During this last stretch of the exercise, feel free to bring your heart rate back down and allow your muscles to cool down. Here are some of the best treadmill with TV you may check before buy.

Additional: Ten Magic Minutes

Shorter treadmill workouts are sometimes overlooked, but they are also great for your metabolism. By supplementing these ten minutes with your other workouts, you can keep the fat burning going for longer; make sure to do this workout on your rest days.

You don’t need to be too particular about this one, or even break a sweat, which makes it a great option for any time of the day. Simply allow yourself to walk at a comfortable pace for 10 minutes to get your metabolism going, and that is all that it takes. At every minute, increase your inline 0.5% until the ten minutes are done. And that’s it!


Remember that treadmill workouts aren’t only about spending more time on a treadmill. By practicing the workouts listed above, you are sure to increase your metabolism and start losing weight and shedding pounds.

By choosing different workouts throughout the week, you will avoid the plateau and will continue to lose weight. These not only help you to lose weight but also build muscle which is good for your health and keeps your endurance at a high level. You can check treadmill buying guide on Fast Health Cares before you buy any treadmill.

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