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PCI DSS Compliance

What is PCI DSS and who needs it?
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) are a set of baseline technical and operation standards created and maintained by the payment card industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC) to verify that merchants and service providers appropriately protect cardholder data. This means that any organization that has any contact with card data is required to be PCI DSS compliant. The core PCI DSS standard currently at Version 3.0 has been around for nearly a decade.

PCI compliance is vital for any company which processes, accepts or stores payment cards (credit, debit or charge cards) online or offline: from the world’s largest corporations to small Internet stores: from local service providers in the Pacific to global financial companies. For more details visit the official PCI website.

Recently PCI DSS Version 3.2 was introduced with additional and expanded requirements. Multi-factor authentication is now required for all personal with non-console administration access and all personal with remote access to card-holder data environment (CDE). XXXX devices have 2 factor authentication when configured and we are fully compliant with PCI DSS Version 3.2.