Blockchain Technology -An Opportunity In The Healthcare Industry

The world witnessed the evolution of blockchain technology as a revolutionary breakthrough for diverse industries, SMEs, & startups emerging on the maps of the business world. More and more ventures are implementing blockchain to multiply their revenues to the topmost level and the healthcare industry is one of the early adopters of this innovative tech.

Most of the sought-after medical & healthcare service providers are leveraging the blockchain-powered tools to give a boost to their platforms and you just can’t steer away from this fact. The strengths of blockchain development justify the evident role of this groundbreaking tech that has been reshaping the current & futuristic stages of healthcare facilities.

In this blog, we will be purely focusing on how the blockchain app development goes well with the healthcare industry and what opportunities do the respective businesses are embracing from this technology.

So just buckle up for unbiased discussion followed by insightful evaluation of healthcare apps that use blockchain technology to empower appreneurs and customers. Here we go!

The Current Scenario of the Medical & Healthcare Industry

Let’s start by envisioning some interesting insights into the current facets of healthcare with blockchain. Monitoring so many ongoing medical processes at a time becomes a big challenge when patients need extensive care on an urgent basis.

In addition to this, the entire healthcare system slows down when the feasibility & efficiency of the integrated setups are compromised due to the gaps b/w medical specialists and their patients. Moreover, the involvement of middlemen also affects the flow of the supply chain that results in the downfall of the healthcare system.

Accept it or not, the cycle of healthcare & medical services continues to decelerate due to the lack of systematic strategies & consistent uncertainty in the management of staff, resources, & process. The incompetency of organizations in handling & sharing data worsens the scenario by preventing healthcare specialists to provide the best treatment & facilities to patients. It is quite clear the being equipped with all the resources for patient care, hospitals fail to meet the standards of optimal healthcare services.

Let’s start by envisioning some interesting insights into the current facets of healthcare with blockchain development. Here are some statistics that may inspire you to think about blockchain technology & healthcare app development:

  • More than 50% of clinical tests in the US are not reported.
  • 49% of records stated by healthcare specialists are incorrect and incomplete.
  • As per a report, healthcare organizations spend around $380 for a single record of cases of data breaches reported recently and this amount is predicted to increase in the coming days.
  • To keep up with the quality standards & guidelines for optimal medical services & facilities, more value should be given to process management & monitoring of patient’s health data.
  • All the health records & medical history of patients are distributed to varied healthcare staff & departments that can risk their secrecy.

It is quite surprising but very true that most healthcare firms are still reliant on outdated technologies & tools to handle patients’ medical records. Alongside creating unpredictable chaos in the procedure, lack of management causes unwanted delays during the crucial hours of treatment & care.

With so many reasons to combine blockchain with mobility software, healthcare businesses are opting for blockchain app development services to hit more opportunities for growth & productive outcomes.

Key Healthcare Practices that use Blockchain Technology

1. For Verifying the Patient’s Medical History

Can you recall the last time when you visited a doctor or took consultation for any health issue you had at that moment? It is okay if you remember your medical condition after 5-6 years of taking treatment but it rarely happens that you could mesmerize the details of evaluation and consultations given by your doctor accurately after a long time.

When all strategies fail at this point, blockchain technology comes at the rescue for healthcare service providers who need a complete record of patients to continue with the treatment procedure.

2. For Monitoring the Supply Chain

The extensive network of supply chain connects healthcare organizations & related businesses from the worldwide corners. More than 80% of the healthcare market is dependent on the widespread supply chain that caters to medical products & equipment for numerous verticals of the healthcare industry.

The significance of blockchain app development can be justified in the context of supply chain management based on these factors:

  • Maintaining the quality standards of ingredients & resources used for the formulation of drugs as defined by the medical department.
  • Tracking counterfeit drugs & devices to tackle recurring issues faced by the majority of healthcare providers & medical specialists.
  • Monitoring the inventory & availability of pharmaceutical products for uninterrupted operations of healthcare providers and pharmacies.
  • Keeping a track on medicines & medical equipment on fingertips.

3. For Inspecting the Impact of Treatment on Patients

The major advantage of integrating blockchain technology & mobile apps is getting more exposure to patterns and outcomes of specific treatment or therapy applied to the patients. This makes it easier to study the results and get accurate data on the health conditions and well-being of a large fraction of customers taking a specific remedy or treatment.

4. For Encouraging Precision in Clinical Research & Drug Creation

Blockchain app development gives more power to medical researches & specialists to retrieve & evaluate data from clinical processes. In other words, when blockchain and healthcare are merged as a system, you would be able to access data & activities of patients altogether at once.

Ending Notes

The penetration of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry transformed the way medics used to run the healthcare ecosystem in the past. Considering the current state of blockchain app development & trends, we can foresee more innovations with progressive advancements with this technology. With innumerable possibilities, blockchain will continue to bring excellent opportunities for the businesses scattered across the healthcare landscapes.

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