Facebook Changes its Name to Meta: Rebranding its Focus on Metaverse Vision

The most liked thumbs up is when Facebook changes to an infinity-looking identity, Meta.

The company’s wider ambitions are related to metaverse and away from Facebook. This was stated by Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder and CEO of the social media platform, at the Connect conference on October 28.

So, what is this vision of Metaverse and What is all about Facebook parting ways? Co-Founder of MobileCoderz, Pranay Agrawal says, “With Facebook being the biggest iconic brand in the world, it still doesn’t reflect what it does. The reason being the distribution of different apps like WhatsApp & Instagram & the work being done in VR and AR. The Metaverse outlook will solidify the image of Facebook & reflect their present and future. Mark Zuckerberg and his team are finding ways to change the world tech-era.”

Meta will now own a number of apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. It also has its Reality Labs, which is creating the metaverse.

“We are about to begin a new chapter, and I have considered a lot about how it will affect us. Currently, we are viewed as a social media business company. “There’s no doubt that Facebook is the biggest technology brand in the world.” It’s an iconic brand in social media, Zuckerberg stated.

This event was a hugely anticipated one as Facebook was expected to announce its new name and outline its vision for the metaverse. The Wall Street Journal expose has led to the company being scrutinized for its negative effects on teens.

Zuckerberg said that while many may question the timing of the metaverse conversation amid recent controversy. He stated that he believes in “building new technology can improve life”.

The Meta Brand

Metaverse is a major investment by Facebook or Meta as it is now called. The company stated that it will spend $10 billion on Reality Labs this year to create the metaverse.

The company will invest $150 million to train creators in new ways. There is no way that our brand could possibly reflect everything that we do today and in the future. Over time, Zuckerberg said he wants to be considered a metaverse business. Further, he wants the work and identity to be anchored in their goals.

“We will no longer be Facebook-first. We will now be metaverse-first. This means that all their other services will be accessible without a Facebook account. “Hopefully, as our new brand appears in our products, more and more people will become aware of the Meta brand”, he said.

The company also announced that Facebook Reality Labs will be a separate reporting segment starting in Q4 2021.

Building Metaverse: How ?

Metaverse is an immersive way to communicate with others via mobile apps. Instead of just communicating through them, they can actually feel each other’s presence.

Digital avatars will be used for various occasions. You can build up your own space & travel between platforms using them. There are also safety and security features built into the platform. You can access the metaverse via virtual reality platforms, AR smart glasses or even a computer. Horizon, an online gaming platform, is the company’s virtual reality platform.

Zuckerberg stated that “in the metaverse you’ll have almost everything you can imagine. Get together, work, learn and shop.”

The company will offer devices at a subsidized price to make them more accessible. The company will charge developers and creators less. But it will still have to maintain high fees so that they don’t lose too many dollars.

The name of the most famous social media brands in the world, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Google & Apple has been changed. Its acronym now stands for five major American tech companies, which includes Meta, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, & Google. From FAANG, it has now become MAANG. Thus, with tech-upgrades on board, Meta is the next big chapter of their work.

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