A Complete Guide to Hire Flutter App Developers in 2023

Google had developed Flutter as an open-source Flutter framework with the aim of faster time-to-market by using a single codebase for all the platforms. As a result, many businesses have already started investing in Flutter app development to create the most engaging, graphics-rich, and effective Thus, in this complete guide, we will help you learn how to hire top Flutter app developers. 

First things first! 

Stats About the Popularity of Flutter App Development 

  • According to a 2021 developer survey, Flutter has become the most popular cross-platform mobile framework.
  • More than 42% of the software developers used Flutter 
  • According to a Stack Overflow survey, Flutter is the third most preferred framework after .Net Core and Torch 
  • According to a Google Q3 developer survey in 2021, approximately 92% of developers are satisfied working with Flutter. 

What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter app development is the process of creating native-like apps for different platforms such as mobile, web, and desktop. In this process, the Flutter app developers have to use the open-source portable UI toolkit. In fact, they can rely on a single codebase to use the Dart programming language with Material Design and Cupertino widgets. Lastly, if you hire Flutter app developers, you can expect stunning UI that appears and feels like live Native apps. 

The Responsibilities & Skillset of Flutter App Developers 

Although, you might have some specific expectations from your Flutter app developers. Still, the majority of the businesses want to hire developers with these qualities; 


  • The individual should be able to write readable code with the Dart programming language 
  • The individual has to build and ship robust Android and iOS apps using a single codebase 
  • The developer has to brainstorm and share innovative ideas with the teams to enhance the development process 
  • S/he must have proven experience in developing user-friendly applications 
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies is also important
  • The individual has to work with the Agile methodology so improve the workflow of your entire team

Required Skills 

Hard Skills 

  • The developer must have a relevant experience of 2 to 5 years with Flutter app development 
  • Strong knowledge of business logic components or ScoopedModel is also necessary. 
  • This expertise includes Dart programming language, backend web services, etc 
  • The individual must be able to follow the complete steps of the software development cycle 
  • A strong understanding of Kotlin or Swift is also necessary 
  • A proficiency in Unit Testing is also preferred 

Flutter isn’t an ordinary technology that anyone can master easily. Thus, you have to be very selective while hiring flutter app developers. Ultimately, your goal is to make your app productive and responsive. 

It might get hard to hire the right talented Flutter app developers for your project. Thus, keep reading the guide, to know what additional skills you need to evaluate during the hiring process. 

Soft Skills 

# Communication 

Proper communication skills become very important in the IT and business world. In fact, candidates with better communication skills are likely to improve the pace and efficiency of the development process. If you look from a business perspective, Flutter app developers with good communication skills will also understand your business goals and work accordingly. Thus, it is an essential skill to consider when you hire Flutter app developers. 

# Coordination & Teamwork Skills 

You certainly don’t want loners and individuals with an attitude problem in your team. Thus, you must ensure that your Flutter app developers will coordinate with your entire team to ensure the best optimization of your app. 

# Creative Skills 

You need people in your flutter app developers team who can think out-of-the-box and innovatively. Thus, hiring professionals who can help you with new ideas for your project. 

# Dedication 

You should expect a team that works with dedication towards a common goal. In fact, they should have the desire to improve the user experience as much as possible. This can be ensured by overlooking their past experience, personal projects, and special certifications. 

Interview Questions to Hire Flutter App Developers

  • Tell us about some of the mobile apps that you have developed in the past
  • Differentiate between declarative and imperative programming 
  • What are the main steps to writing a Flutter app? 
  • What can be referred to as a Flutter app’s “building blocks”? 
  • Differentiate between Stateful and Stateless Widgets 
  • What is the Hot Reload feature in flutter? 
  • Explain  Navigator in Flutter 
  • What is Scaffold in Flutter? 
  • Which database do you love in Flutter app development? Why? 

To learn more interview questions that you should ask while hiring mobile app developers, read our blog here

The Engagement Models to Hire Flutter App Developers 

  1. Outsourcing 
  2. Freelancing 
  3. Full-Time Engagement Model 

Before we describe each individual model to hire Flutter app developers, you must know about the core factors required for all the models; 

  • Management 
  • Cost 
  • Control 
  • Collaboration 
  • Consistency 
  • Expertise 

Let’s learn about each engagement model 

1: The Outsourcing Model 

When you don’t have any prior experience in mobile app development, it is recommended to hire a Flutter app development company. In fact, they have an extensive pool of talent, which you can utilize in your project. Furthermore, outsourcing Flutter app developers is a very cost-effective approach to developing high-quality Flutter apps. Thus, hiring MobileCoderz for Flutter app development could be a great idea to ensure a streamlined development process. 

Outsourcing Model
Expertise Yes
Management Yes
Consistency Yes
Cost-Effective Yes
Both short term and long term
Control Yes

2: The Freelancing Model

Freelancing is perhaps the quickest way to get flutter app developers on board for your project. However, it has some significant demerits which might make you rethink your idea. For example, it is very hard to evaluate the consistency of freelance Flutter app developers. Plus, it might not be possible to manage or control them directly since they are not directly associated with your business. 

Freelance Model
Expertise Yes
Management No
Consistency No
Cost-Effective Yes
Control Yes
Collaboration Short term only

3: The Full-Time Engagement Model 

This model is widely used by top enterprises working with Flutter app developers for long-term projects. Therefore, the businesses have to add their professionals to their payrolls after rigorously screening them. Ultimately, it is easier to control and manage these professionals since they are directly associated with the organization. 

Full-Time Engagement Model
Expertise Yes
Management Yes
Consistency Yes
Control Yes
Cost-Effective No
Collaboration Long-Term

Levels of Flutter App Developers You Might Need 

1: Junior Flutter Developers 

Junior Flutter app developers are aspiring professionals, and are just beginning their careers in this field. Thus, they might not have extensive experience and background with Flutter app development. However, they must have experience with the Dart programming language. Accordingly, they usually have less than one year of experience, but they might be capable of bringing innovative ideas to the table.

When you hire junior Flutter app developers, your expectations must not be excessively low or high. In fact, they might not have extensive knowledge about the framework and their development pace can be a little slower. However, with proper training and guidance, you can make them familiar with your organization’s development goals with ease. 

2: Mid-Level Flutter Developers 

If you are looking to hire proficient Flutter app developers, then hiring developers from the mid-level category could be a great choice. However, these developers must have a relevant working experience of at least 2 years with the Flutter framework. They must have a clear understanding of the evolution of Flutter, programming part, business logic, and bug fixing. Then, the mid-level Flutter app developers should be capable enough to work on their own without any guidance from your side. However, they might require some assistance in understanding some complex processes, but that also comes under exceptional cases. 

3: Senior Flutter Developers 

The senior Flutter app developers are the absolute veterans of Flutter, they have been working on the framework since its inception (2018). Thus, these developers must have the potential to guide an entire team of Flutter app developers with ease. In fact, businesses often consider hiring senior flutter developers from a prominent Flutter app development company. 

Investing in a Flutter App Development is Worthy or Not?

Well, of course, Flutter by Google, is the most advanced mobile technology available presently. There are hundreds of reasons why professionals believe that Flutter could be the king of top mobile apps in 2022. Plus, Google’s backing makes it a strong contender to become a leader to rule mobile app development frameworks in future. Furthermore, Flutter offers unquestionable advantages such as speedier development and substantial cost savings. Thus, these benefits can transform your life by allowing you to use your funds wisely and making your app-to-market time faster. Ultimately, for efficient cost savings, you must hire Flutter app developers from India only. 

Why Collaborate with MobileCoderz to Hire Flutter App Developers? 

It’s obvious that hiring freelancers and in-house teams require a rigorous hiring process that needs a lot of resources. Plus, sometimes, you don’t have enough time which leads to the selection of unworthy candidates. Thus, you should collaborate with a leading mobile app development company to gain access to highly skilled and certified Flutter app developers. Over the years, we have become the best Flutter app development company with the most experienced developers who have cleared a rigorous selection to join our team. Thus, hire top Flutter app developers from MobileCoderz, because what you get is a talented stream to fulfil your purpose.

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