Flutter App Development: 10 Reasons Why It’s Perfect for Your App

Flutter is a mobile-based development framework that has grown extremely popular among developers across the globe. It incorporates all the features of native and cross-platform design models. This allows developers to create powerful applications in a short amount of time. Numerous companies look to hire Flutter app development company to develop applications that cater to a large user base.

Flutter, Google’s officially-licensed cross-platform app development framework, was first introduced by Google in the month of May 2017. In just 4 years, Flutter for app development is now the top cross-platform tech. At present, it has more than four-quarters (43%) of all developers using it.

A Stackoverflow study also found that 68.8 percent of developers are in love with Flutter app development. Also, 10.9 percent want to change to Flutter for app development within the next couple of years.


In terms of its popularity, Flutter has already outsold React Native. There are a variety of reasons for developers to be interested in this relatively new technology. Flutter app development relies on code reuse. This means developers can make use of the same codebase for building native mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Furthermore, the possibility of using Flutter mobile development to build robust web applications provides amazing performance.

Why is Flutter so Popular?

According to Statista, Flutter is the 2nd most popular mobile platform that is used by developers across the world. It also says 39% of developers utilize Flutter for app development. Thus, this represents an increase of 9% from last year’s. What can it be that makes Flutter app development so successful?


  • Flutter developers have the advantage of having a single base code. They write the code once and have it run seamlessly on the two platforms, Android or iOS.
  • Flutter for app development isn’t just open-source but is also created by Google. Flutter has a large user base and is simple to find solutions to your issues which helps speed up development.
  • Flutter is a user of the Dart programming language that provides many advantages and is simple to master.
  • One of the most significant USPs in Flutter is the hot-reload features. This allows both developers and designers to view the changes immediately at the moment they occur.
  • Flutter apps provide the same performance as native apps due to the fact that Dart converts native code.

Why Should New Apps Use Flutter App Development: 10 Top Reasons to Know 

There are many advantages to using Flutter app development for both large and small-scale enterprises. It stands out as a preferred cross-platform application development framework used by a variety of application development service providers. We’ll review some of the key aspects that will allow developers to appreciate the advantages of Flutter for app development.

  • Native App Performance Taken to the Next Level

 The speed of performance is crucial to providing a pleasant user experience. Flutter-built applications, as per the developers, offer numbers that are comparable to native applications. Flutter, along with other renowned cross-platform frameworks, doesn’t require any additional code representatives to connect directly with machine code. Flutter for app development avoids problems with interpretation and increasing performance.

  • Open Source

Flutter allows for easy posting of problems as well as access to the documents from forums for developers. Also, it allows Flutter programmers to grow and learn from the constantly changing community of developers. It enhances the efficacy and output of the developer and leads to less time and costs for the project.

  • Hot Reload: Boosts Developer Productivity

Flutter permits developers to review changes made to the app immediately and can also help them correct the changes quickly. It is not necessary to run elsewhere, you’ll be able to observe the changes when you save.

Hot Reload is a standard feature in Flutter for app development. It also facilitates better collaboration between developers and designers to improve the user experience of an app. This reduces the development time by around 30-40%. Developers can move faster as each change is being implemented immediately.

  • Strong and Reliable Tech Community

 There’s a huge community of developers having to find the time to develop with Flutter mobile development. New developers won’t need to worry because they’ve made it simpler for them to master and comprehend its functions. There are over 60 videos to aid you with the toolkit for software and help you understand the procedure. With help from the Mobile App Development Company, any person can start creating an app.

  • Dart Language

Flutter utilizes Dart in its object-oriented programming languages that can be used to develop apps. The main characteristics available in Dart include a comprehensive standard library garbage collection,, generics, async-awaits & robust typing. Dart is similar to Java and makes use of a number of the well-known capabilities of various languages. Its reactivity-oriented programming style allows developers to accomplish their tasks easily with Flutter for app development.

  • Reduced Testing Time

Conducting regular tests on multiple systems will require checking compatibility. Flutter permits programs to run across different platforms with one codebase. All it takes is a single test of the Flutter mobile development. This saves the programmers a substantial quantity of both time and cash.

  • Customized Widgets

Flutter mobile development has a wide range of widgets for developers to assist in the creation process. It makes the creation of a UI element that is basic simpler and quicker. Just create the UI element once. It will be able to adapt to various resolutions, screens, & platforms. You can also combine one widget with another to make it possible to perform various features.

  • Multi-Platform Support

 When you contract an app developer for Flutter App Development, there are benefits of creating a highly customizable product. You can create apps for six different operating systems. Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, etc. are a few examples of the different operating systems supported by the well-known flutter apps. 

With recent advancements, Flutter developers are now able to develop unidirectional solutions for Android/iOS & Windows, Linux, etc. Thereby, this is transforming the field of software programming.

  • Leaders Set the Example

Flutter is being used by major companies to create their mobile applications, which include Xianyu app from Alibaba. Alibaba which is based in China, Google itself set an example by transferring the Google Ads app to Flutter. Perfectly is an app for journaling and mindfulness powered by artificial intelligence that was built with Flutter. There are numerous famous apps built with Flutter for app development such as AppTree, Google Greentea, JD Finance & many others.


  • Investor-Friendly

 The phrase minimum feasible product is a reference to the application’s primary capabilities and features. An MVP developed using Flutter mobile development is uniform across different programs and delivers the best user experience. This is a major draw for a number of investors, allowing them to back your business.

Final Words

Flutter is among the top cross-platform development technologies and the quality of its development is increasing each day. A lot of developers are using Flutter mobile development. It’s definitely the best choice for hybrid development. It’s possible to develop an app for each of iOS and Android at a lower cost of development.

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