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Be free to customize your branch using vendor-neutral management

Locked into specific vendor solutions? Nodegrid frees you to choose the devices & applications you need, regardless of provider. The vendor-neutral management platform means you get the right equipment & capabilities, without high overhaul costs.

  • Deploy solutions that fit your needs, without compromising
  • Trade confusing UIs for one clean, intuitive interface
  • Get more capabilities without replacing your infrastructure
vendor Neurtal Management 650 x 400

Avoid vendor lock-in

Nodegrid lets you choose legacy, modern, & emerging tech that suit your needs, for a solution free from vendor lock-in.

Get seamless control

Nodegrid’s Interface Abstraction layer gives you one experience to manage routing, security, switching, power, & more.

Save overhaul costs

Overhaul your capabilities, not your infrastructure. Connect Nodegrid to bridge feature gaps & get more out of what you have.



Vendor-Neutral Common Access Interface

Download our whitepaper to see how Nodegrid bridges feature gaps & gives you more capabilities.

Enterprise Networking Survival Guide

Enterprise Networking Survival Guide

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Software-Defined Infrastructure for Access and Control

Get our whitepaper and discover how Nodegrid Manager improves software-defined infrastructure.

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