Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch in 2022

At present times, everyone has their tongues wrapped with AI, ML, Metaverse, VR, AR & what not!! This is the future of the tech world with immeasurable possibilities rising from Artificial Intelligence AI Trends in 2022, Metaverse in real estate, and much more. Going Beyond Human Intelligence, there is Artificial Intelligence but the irony is “AI is created by Humans.”

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, 2022 is going to be the year that it extends its roots in almost every aspect of the business. AI will start to shift away from being disruptive as smart devices and services are anticipated to be an integral element of our lives, enhancing efficiency while also saving time.

One reason for the change is that AI isn’t just used by big corporations however, small and medium-sized businesses are also looking to utilize Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and will make it more readily available. Contrary to what many believe, AI will eliminate jobs. In 2022, we will see humans working alongside machines to improve their capabilities and capabilities.

In the last decade, AI has advanced from a buzzword to an industry-changing technology. This year, the technology will expand its reach and is expected to yield valuable results to numerous companies that have invested heavily in AI. Companies are expected to focus on the data-first strategy in their enterprise architecture that allows AI as well as ML to tackle issues and create fresh revenue streams.

Companies will increasingly be using AI to make their decisions. From determining which business leads they should pursue to predicting maintenance to improving customer satisfaction, Artificial Intelligence AI Trends in 2022 will play an important role in influencing business decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence AI: Rising High in 2021 

ai trends in 2022

The year 2021 was the one when the entire world emerged from a global pandemic that was not witnessed before. This led to the rise of new types of business problems. Businesses have responded by creating new AI-powered solutions and products to address these problems. According to Harvard Business Review, in 2021, 86 percent of respondents claimed that AI was an important “mainstream technology” within their organization.

Technologies & top artificial trends like Video Analytics IoT robot process automation, natural language generation virtual agents & more have changed the way in which they operate the business including customer interactions to labor management, to market entry.

Video analytics is one technology that has helped companies to grow and adapt in the face of changes through new solutions. AI-enabled surveillance by CCTV has changed the way we live our lives including home & personal security to the monitoring of patients’ motion tracking and facial recognition analytics and ensuring security and safety compliances. Retailers can make use of customer behavior information to help determine store design and staffing requirements.

Video analytics has moved from being solely concerned with video surveillance to playing a greater part in the world of AI. They can permit or block access to vehicles within their own parking garage by license plate recognition. Intelligent conveying, loading, and unloading times have evolved video analytics from being solely focused on video surveillance to an even more important part in the future trends of AI.

Now, we will go through the top AI trends in 2022.

Top Artificial Intelligence AI Trends in 2022

The goal of AI adoption is to increase the effectiveness of operations or the efficiency of operations. Here are some quick insights at the leading Artificial Intelligence AI Trends in 2022.

# Metaverse & AI Integration

Metaverse, also known as “the virtual universe,” has been a long-running idea that seeks to recreate the real world via the internet. The concept “Metaverse” is rooted in the book “Snow Crash”. While it was a part of a sci-fi book, the metaverse is on its way to becoming a reality. Companies like Meta (previously Facebook) and Microsoft have already come up with their versions of the metaverse and declared it as the future of the internet.

2022 is a time when top artificial trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be integrated into various technologies. This isn’t any different. AI as well as ML will play a major part in reproducing the elements of the real world much more precisely. The attributes like vision and speech will also be enhanced to make them more compatible with our virtual reality.

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# IoT & AI Evolution

The age of IoT is poised to expand by 2022 with the future trends of AI. IoT devices can provide amazing user experiences since actions can be executed in real-time, based on information collected by IoT devices, with the aid of top artificial trends in Artificial Intelligence. 5G’s introduction will further enable IoT devices with the ability to be more intelligent & interactive. It will also speed up their performance since 5G is capable of transferring large amounts of information at a much faster speed.

AI and 5G together computing infrastructures will provide an advantage that lets automated processes run at an even larger scale, as well as providing high-performance and safety connectivity for AI applications. A variety of new use scenarios can be opened up, including factories, plant automation in the workplace, smart cities, homes, & offices driven by sensors.

# AI in Healthcare

AI used in healthcare employs NLP (Natural Language Processing) systems. Medical professionals utilize speech to organize & analyze the medical and clinical records of patients. Enhancing healthcare with the help of advanced technology has been the aim for many years. One of the latest advancements has enabled patients to have doctor consultations at home.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to an acute shortage of medical equipment as well as medical specialists and this is the point where AI is able to help. AI-enabled doctors and patients can communicate via distance and provide treatment remotely.

# The Invasion of AI & ML in Cybersecurity

As computers become more sophisticated, cybersecurity is an area that will gain increasing importance by 2022. It’s not a surprise that as technology improves, hackers develop new and more risky ways to take on organizations and individuals. The Internet is among the most well-known methods of initiating such attacks. In addition to security breaches and data theft, the risk of whole institutions crashing because of cyberattacks is always in the air.

It is good news, the top artificial trends in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning improved cybersecurity & is now available to enhance cyber security. Because AI and ML are dependent on their environment, AI-enabled measures are expected to improve data security within cyberspace. In the near future, businesses will employ sophisticated AI algorithms to identify and evaluate cyber-attacks, make directories of their own, and create measures to secure information from them.

# Hyper Automation Led AI

Hyper Automation will continue to be the primary factor behind digital transformation until 2022, with the intention of streamlining processes and increasing efficiency, effectiveness, precision, and more. By utilizing video analytics and manual monitoring, the process will become entirely automated. This will result in savings in cost, evaluating the efficiency of staff as well as determining whether or not the covid conformances are being adhered.

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# Modeling Efficient Language

Another area of Artificial Intelligence Trends 2022 in which we could observe a significant increase in the use of machines is the modeling of language. What this means is the use of computers to talk to humans in the language humans comprehend. We are also considering changing human languages into code to run and execute applications.

An excellent example is the latest release of an application developed by Open AI titled GPT-3(1). It is claimed as the world’s most sophisticated model of language ever developed with 175 billion parameters made up of data points & variables. It has been reported that Open AI is already working on an upgrade to GPT-3 and the new model will be much more sophisticated and will be aptly dubbed GPT-4. GPT-4 is believed to contain approximately 100 trillion parameters which implies the GPT-4 could be up to 500 times more efficient than GPT-3.

# AI-Automated Vehicles

Another field of Artificial Intelligence Trends 2022 where AI could be the brains of a system would be automobiles, aircrafts, & even boats. These will enable companies to offer extraordinary travel experiences for consumers. Tesla is a prime example of an Artificial Intelligence-driven vehicle.

Furthermore, it ensures it is safe from accidents as the AI engine built into it can anticipate obstacles ahead and stop all road accidents of any kind. On average, 1.4 million drivers die from road accidents each year. Therefore, if we examine these horrifying figures in the light of AI, then AI plays a vital role in stopping this from occurring.

Tesla affirms that its vehicles in self-driving mode will be made in place in 2022. However, there’s very little chance of it being commercially accessible in 2022. We also anticipate the application of AI on ships in the upcoming launch of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) that has an AI element from IBM. Thus, AI is a key component in creative thinking.

Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing our lives with its constant trends in the marketplace. Certain AI trends in 2022 develop over time while other future trends of AI are creative. These trends are an integral element of our daily lives and make life simpler for us and the coming generations. If we look to 2022, it’s clear that we’ll require more AI-based tools to make our work flexible and efficient.

There will be an explosion of innovative technology in the coming years, and it will have an impact on individuals & companies. AI can be described as the next frontier and companies employing the latest technologies will prosper, get an increase in ROI & open up new opportunities for society.

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