Manual vs Robot mower- Which Is Better?

Many buyers face a dilemma while choosing between a manual or robot mower. Why should I buy a manual lawn mower if I can invest in something that can move all the grass with minimal effort? We will run on the details soon, but before that, you should know that petrol mowers excel in several departments. And there are several other points where robot mowers overshadow petrol ones. Let’s outline the differences.

Manual vs Robot mower- Which Is Better?

1. Time consumption

Let’s start with the most precious commodity of this world; no, it’s not money, its time. If you own a lawn, then you know it takes a lot of time to get desired results. Regular mowing is one of the parts of lawn maintenance.

Then you also have to fertilize and take care of the grass regeneration. But, the major part of your time is consumed by mowing sessions. Robot mowers take responsibility and complete this task at its own.

On the other hand, a petrol mower takes all your free time. But yes, robot mower spent some extra time on the grasses. If you have a large lawn, the robot mower might need repeated recharging. So it might take some additional minutes to cover the entire park. You can check the best robot lawn mower UK.

Winner: Robot mower

2. Ease of use

Robot mowers require little effort during installation. Setting up a perimeter wire around your lawn can take some time depending upon the size of your garden, but it will be once for all.

After that, you only have to program the device and press some buttons. It will go straight to work after using its sensors to calculate the most efficient route.

High-end robot mower like WORX WR150 Landroid can be controlled through a mobile app. Whether you have to adjust the cutting height, change the mowing schedule or any other thing, you can do it from your smartphone. The app control feature is useful for professionals and office goers. They can maintain the lawn with minimal effort.

On the other hand, you have to take the petrol mower all over the garden manually. Even if you have a self-propelled model, you will have to be there for its guidance.

It’s a time consuming as well as a tedious process, and you cannot control a petrol mower remotely. Robot mower is a clear winner in this department, as well.

Winner: Robot mower

3.Power efficiency

Automatic mowers are energy efficient because electric motors power them. Most of them come with an Eco mode that reduces the power consumption even further. That means an automatic mower will waste less time on recharge and more on maintaining your lawn. Moreover, it will find its path to the recharging dock without manual interference. As with all battery-powered devices, the battery will need a replacement after three years or so, depending upon the make and model.

Some of the petrol mowers with the brushless motor are efficient and tend to consume less fuel. However, petrol prices are rising, and you will always need the supplies to keep a petrol engine running. Petrol mowers also have operational cost, but it requires regular investment on supplies. On the other road, automatic ones need battery replacement after a certain period.

Winner: Draw

4. Environmental impacts

Let’s make it clear, none of the petrol mowers can compete with the automatic ones in this department. Robot mower is powered by emission less battery and motor, which means they will not harm the ecosystem. Petrol mower does the opposite by adding harmful carbon emissions to the atmosphere. There are petrol models that emit less carbon, but robots have won this category by using electric engines.

Automatic mowers come with a bonus of being silent. However, the petrol mower can be too noisy to be used at night.


Petrol mowers are available at a lower price tag if compared to automatic lawn machines. But, it forces you to get involved in a tedious process of moving all over the lawn, which is tough, mainly uphill. Robot mowers are expensive because they are more valuable and useful for users who are already running low on time.

Purchasing a petrol or robot mower requires a lot of research. So, read the comparison, compare the prices, and choose what suits you best.