Belt Sander- The Advantages and Purpose

benefits of belt sander

Do you ever wonder how the craftsman gets to smooth the surfaces of your chair or bed?

The sander is used for this purpose and the type mostly used is the belt sander. It is one of the most uncomplicated and most versatile types of sanders.

It isn’t only used for wooden surfaces but also metals and even some plastics. The belt sander as a result of its efficiency has various benefits and this article is here with a detailed outline.

Let’s check the advantages of using a belt sanders below:

  1. Ease of Use

Using a belt sander is much preferable compared to other types of sander because of its simplicity and how fast and efficiently it can produce the desired result. With little or no effort, when handled with proficiency, the belt sander would produce a befitting result on the material.

Users should note that this device can harm them if not handled with caution. The user must ensure to avoid changing the inclination or direction of the device; it must be kept straight while in use. Very little or a fair amount force should be applied while using it.

This device has saved many carpenters the stress and time of manual approach to their work and has been considered imperative to them.

  1. Removal of Unwanted Surface Residue

using belt sanderHomogeneity not only adds taste to the look of material but also gives satisfaction to whoever worked towards achieving it.  The belt sander can be used to scrap off undesired silt or paint on a surface after work has been done to retain that homogeneity.

  1. Fast Action

This device is handy and can produce a massive result in a short amount of time.  Sanding can be very tasking and is essential to the outcome of the project done. The belt sander is generally used at the early stage of the sanding process to get rid of large amounts of material in a short amount of time.

  1. Varieties

Belt sanders are of two types;

  • The Handheld belt sanders: As the name implies, are held in the hands during use and are utilized for sanding floors and sanding stationary surfaces.
  • Stationary belt sanders: Also called Bench top sander is used while clamped to a workbench, to sand materials that are movable.

Whatever results one want can be obtained by the type of belt sander used. The desired result could range from fine sanding to rough sanding. The power level of the device can also affect the result.

Cordless sanders are also getting popular these days, If you want a versatile sander then a cordless option will be a perfect choice. Here are some of the best cordless sanders you may check.

  1. Wide Range of Use

The belt sander is a multi-functional device.  It is used to sand metals, woods and even floors. Belt sanders help to fine-tune projects after the significant work has been done. As a reason for its ability to do or complete a large amount of work within a short period, belt sanders are used to perform tedious projects such as smoothing corners and removing burrs. It is also used to refurbish old furniture, smooth corners of furniture, oust paint off a surface and stain off the wood. Belt sanders also ensure a clean job because they have fixed dust bags into which dust is collected.

  1. Suitable for Soft Metals

Using a belt sander to sand soft metals is more efficient and advantageous compared to the pedestal grinder because the pipes don’t get blocked.

How to Use a Belt Sander?

The belt sander has a diverse number of advantages to artistry.  It allows for many projects to be done effectively and saves much time. It saves not just time but also energy.

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